Fulton Armory Offering 5.7mm Carbines

Fulton Armory had annouced that they are offering the M1 Carbine chambered in 5.7mm Spitfire with a new Fulton Armory barrel. Barrels were listed at $169, complete carbines in this chambering for $1099.95.

Update: October 29, 2005 We were recently advised by Fulton Armory that they are currently unable to obtain M1 Carbine receiver cores in order to manufacture any more military versions of their new M1 Carbines and 5.7 Johnson Spitfires. However, for those of you more interested in conversions, they have an excellent price on their website pages for 5.7 barrels which include the gas port housing. And as near as I can tell, there has been more interest shown in conversions than with brand new .30 M1 or 5.7 Carbines selling for over $1000 each.